Drager Pac 7000 CO

Drager Pac 7000, The Most Advanced Single Gas detector

Drager Pac 7000, The most advanced and safe single gas detector at work is always a priority: depending on the sensor used, the Drager Pac 7000 single gas detection unit is capable of effectively warning of dangerous concentrations of 14 different gases. Special: optional 5-year warranty for H2S, O2 and CO versions.


Warning of dangerous gas concentrations

  • Daily work always sets the highest requirements for gas control. The device effectively warns of dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide gases, hydrogen sulfide (including low concentration options), oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanite, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, phosphorus and organic volatile substances.

Strong and durable

  • The protective rubber layer ensures the cover of the Drager Pac 7000 has special shock resistance. The device meets the strict waterproof and dustproof requirements of IP 66/67. Resistance to electrolyses is also optimized. Drager designed the Drager Pac 7000 for an unlimited lifespan. When necessary, the sensors can be easily replaced.

Simple alignment and configuration

  • The sensitivity adjustment bump test mode can be selected through the menu with password protected. It is possible to optimally protect the correction of clean air by setting a password. The device is integrated with an infrared interface and can connect to the computer via an information station to activate the necessary functions or load the saved data.

Perform quick bump tests with Drager Bump Test Station

  • To test the automatic function with the given gas concentration in the duration in seconds, the device is easily inserted into the Drager Bump Test Station. The screen will notify the user if the bump test has been successful. If the test is not performed within a certain time frame, it may be set to deactivating the device.

Improved small sensors

  • The Drager XXS sensors improve rapid response and give reliable measurement results. The diffusion line is very short inside the device, as well as the sensor’s rapid electrolycification reactions that ensure the display of any gas-related hazards as soon as it occurs. To ensure maximum safety, the sensor is located inside the case so that the gas can be exposed from above and from the front. This ensures perfect measurement even when the inflow gas line is randomly congested.

Triple alarm for greater safety

  • As soon as the custom alarm thresholds are exceeded, or the values are lower than the configured gas concentration, the Drager Pac 7000 will immediately sound, image, and vibration alarms. In addition, the device is also integrated with customizable TWA and STEL alarm modes. Users will also be warned when the battery is low or a functional error occurs.


Part Ref Measuring Range Default Alarm Threshold A1/A2 Resolution Response
Pac 7000 H2S 0 – 100ppm 10/20ppm 1ppm 15 seconds
Pac 7000 H2S Low Concentrations 0 – 100ppm By request 0.1ppm 15 seconds
Pac 7000 O2 0 – 25 Vol-% 19/23% 0.1 Vol-% 10 seconds
Pac 7000 CO 0 – 1999ppm 30/60ppm 1ppm 15 seconds
Pac 7000 CO2 0 – 5 Vol-% By request 0.1 Vol-% 30 seconds
Pac 7000 SO2 0 – 100ppm By request 1ppm 15 seconds
Pac 7000 CL2 0 – 20ppm By request 0.05ppm 30 seconds
Pac 7000 HCN 0 – 50ppm By request 0.1ppm 15 seconds
Pac 7000 NH2 0 – 300ppm By request 1ppm 20 seconds
Pac 7000 NO2 0 – 50ppm By request 0.1ppm 15 seconds
Pac 7000 NO 0 – 200ppm By request 1ppm 15 seconds
Pac 7000 PH2 0 – 20ppm By request 0.01ppm 10 seconds
Pac 7000 OV 0 – 200ppm By request 0.5ppm 100 seconds
Pac 7000 OV-A 0 – 200ppm By request 1ppm 100 seconds
Pac 7000 5Y H2S 0 – 100ppm By request 1ppm 15 seconds
Pac 7000 5Y O2 0 – 25 Vol-% By request 0.1 Vol-% 10 seconds
Pac 7000 5Y CO 0 – 1999ppm By request 1ppm 15 seconds

Technical parameters:

Dimensions 84mm x 64mm x 25mm; 3.3″ x 2.5″ x 1.0″ (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight 120g; 3.8oz
Ambient Conditions Temperature: -30ºC to +50ºC; -20ºF to +120ºF / Pressure: 700 – 1300 hPa / Humidity: 10 – 90% r.h / Note: (Pac 7000 CO2 has a temperature range of -20ºC to +40ºC; -4ºF to +104ºF) & (Pac 7000 HCN and PH2 has a temperature range of -20ºC to +50ºC; -4ºF to +120ºF)
Ingress Protection IP65
Display Language-free LCD display, continuous indication of concentration, peak concentration, TWA- and STEL-concentration, operating time, notice and alarm functions
Typical Battery Life 5500 hours (O2 version – 2700 hours)
Acoustic Alarm Two-tone-alarm, typical > 90 dB at a distance of 30cm
Data Logger Storage of concentration and events with date and time (120 hours at 1 data set per minute)
Certification CE Sign: (89/336/EEC, 94/9/EC) ATEX: II 1 G EEx ia IIC T4, I M 1 EEx ia I T 4 UL: Class I, II, Div 1, Group A, B, C, D, E F, G, Temp Code T4 cUL: Class I, II, Div 1, Group A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Temp Code T4 IECEx: EEx ia IIC, T4 Marine Equipment Directive: 96/98/EC Measurement Performance Certificate (according to ATEX) EN45544 (CO, H2S), EN50104 (O2), EN 50271

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