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Pieper furnace camera and lens regularly imported (14/6/21)

Pieper lens cameras are designed and manufactured specifically for the application of furnace flame monitoring in cylinder turning furnaces, cast iron, thermal power, glass – ceramics.

Featured these areas to monitor have very high temperatures and harsh lighting. Pieper lens cameras are required to have high mechanical strength. Resistant to bumps, vibrations and large, constant changes in temperature.

Some key codes of Pieper Germany

  • Pieper Furnace Camera FK-CF-PTZ-3712 series
  • Pieper Furnace Surveillance Camera FK-CF-PTZ-3612
  • FRO-MP-R70-7012-78-HT Furnace Camera Lens
  • FRO-7660-38-78-HG-A Oven camera lens

Pieper furnace camera and lens regularly imported (14/6/21)

CodeThe name
PP-FK-CF-3712-2-78-IQDigital camera, the type used for heat furnaces, including: main machine, CD with installation package
PP-FRO-7660-38-78-HG-AStraight lens for Industrial Camera, code FRO-7660-38-78-HG-A
PP-FRO-R70-7012-78-HT-DCLens for 70° mestoynth furnace probe with eye buttocks and DC control filter
PP-FRO-R70-7012-78-HT-MThe lens is used for 70° oven oven probes with manual aperture adjustments and filters. angle of view 1/2″: horizontal = 58° vertical = 45° diagonal = 70°
PP-FRS-208-720Protective and cooling case for oven camera, goods code FRS-208-720, German pieper
PP-UZ1Certificate of Origin (CO)

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