ISC (Industrial Scientific) gas detector regularly imported (14/6/21)

Industrial Scientific gas detector (gas detection) or ISC gas detector stands out with two main models: Ventis MX4 and MX6 IBrid.

  • Ventis MX4 gas detector with the ability to simultaneously measure 4 gases in the following gases: Explosive/Methane; O2; LOW CO/H2; CO, H2S; NO2; SO2. The machine has 2 options: Diffusion measurement and integrated suction pump.
  • MX6 IBrid toxic gas detector is a high-end machine, very high customizable sensor mounting. It also gives high-precision and high-resolution reading results. The types of gas detectors are included:
    • Explosive gas detector: LEL (Pentane), LEL (Methane), CH 4 IR (0-100% vol.), CH 4 (0-5%), Hydrocarbons IR (0-100% LEL)
    • Volatile Organic Gas Synthesis Meter: PID
    • Toxic gases meters: H2S, O2, NO2, CO, CO/H2S, NH3, Cl2, ClO2, PH3, CO High, SO2, HCl, HCN, H2, PH3 High, NO, CO/H2 low interference, CO2 IR

Industrial Scientific was born quite late in the gas detector market. However, with its loss of force, strategy, quality, ISC has affirmed its position in the market. For more information on the ISC Website here

Frequently imported ISC (Industrial Scientific) gas detectors

CodeThe name
ISC-VP5-KJ532110111Ventis Pro gas detection machine 5 types integrated suction pump with sensor: LEL, CO/H2S, SO2, O2, cargo code VP5-KJ532110111
ISC-VP5-KJ632110211Ventis Pro 5 type gas detection machine with pumps with sensors: LEL(Pentane), CO/H2S, NH3, O2, NSX/XX: ISC/USA
VTS-K1232110111MX4 Model Ventis, LEL, O2, CO, H2S gas detection machine. Pump version
ISC-VTS-K1232110111MX4 gas detection version integrated suction pump with sensor: LEL,CO,H2S,O2. Hãng ISC, USA
ISC-VTS-L1032110211MX4 gas player type integrated suction pump with sensor: LEL(CH4), CO,O2 black version, goods code VTS-L1032110211, ISC USA
ISC-VTS-K1232110111MX4 gas detection machine includes sensor: LEL, CO, O2, H2S pump type, cargo code VTS-K1232110111

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