ISC Multigas detector Ventis MX4, VTS-K1232110111, pump version

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When you need a 4-gas monitor that will adapt to meet your needs, Ventis® MX4 is there. The lightweight instrument offers the portability and size of a single-gas instrument while delivering multi-gas protection. Use the incredibly configurable Ventis MX4 with a DSXi Docking Station to unlock the management tools found only in Industrial Scientific’s iNet® Control software. Ventis MX4 adapts to meet your needs. Start by selecting from a long list of configuration options:

  • Choose from one to four gases with a wide range of sensor options, including combustible gases, methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide.
  • Whether you’re performing daily confined space entries, wearing the instrument for personal protection, or anywhere in between, there is a Ventis MX4 that’s right for you. Select from a pumped instrument, a non-pumped instrument, or use the Ventis® Slide-on Pump to quickly convert back and forth.
  • Select your run time thanks to your choice of three batteries. With 12-hour, 18-hour, or 20-hour batteries available for non-pumped instruments, Ventis MX4 fits your working conditions.
  • Better manage your fleet by choosing a safety orange over mold or black over mold.
  • Powerful settings options allow the Ventis MX4 to fit with your safety processes. Select your alarm set points, latch alarms, disable the ability to power off while the instrument t is in alarm, and more.

Ventis MX4, VTS-K1232110111 Configuration:

Sensor 1:  LEL (Pentane)
Sensor 2:  CO
Sensor 3:  H2S
Sensor 4:  O2
Battery:  Lithium-ionExtendedRange
Battery Charger:  Desktop Charger
Pump Option:  Pump
Color:  Black
Approvals:  UL/CSA
Carrying Case:  Soft Case
Reference Guide Language:  English

More information, Photos, Datasheet: Click here

ISC Ventis MX4, LEL/O2/CO/H2S Toxic Gas gas detector

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