Honeywell BW™ Solo H2S, CO, O2, SO2, NH3, PH3, Cl2, ClO2, NO, NO2, HCN, ETO, O3, H2, HF, HCl


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The Honeywell BW™ Solo is easy to operate and service and includes an extensive selection of sensor options. It can help reduce the cost of ownership for serviceable single-gas detectors and includes a wireless option for enabling connected workers.
The profile is small and lightweight, and the design is ruggedized for years of reliable service. No need to take apart the Honeywell BW™ Solo for common maintenance tasks; simply pop off the front door to replace a sensor or filter, or remove a single screw for battery replacement. Optional wireless connectivity enables additional capabilities such as dock-less transfer of data and event logs, and real-time monitoring of worker safety.

Features & Benefits

• User-friendly operation
• Easy-to-read display
• Lightweight convenience
• Ease of maintenance
• Serviceability
• Connected Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities

Standard Package Contents

• Detector complete with specified sensor, stainless steel alligator clip and concussion-proof housing
• Calibration/test cap and hose
• Quick Reference Guide

General Specifications

Honeywell BW Solo Specification
Honeywell BW Solo Specification
Gas Legend
Cl2 Chlorine(C) NO Nitric oxide (N)
ClO2 Chlorine dioxide (V) NO2 Nitrogen dioxide (D)
CO Carbon monoxide (M) O2 Oxygen (X)
ETO Ethylene oxide (C2H4O) (E O3 Ozone (G)
H2S Hydrogen sulfide (H) PH3 Phosphine (P)
HCN Hydrogen cyanide (Z) SO2 Sulfur dioxide (S)
NH3 Ammonia (A) H2 Hydrogen (R)
HF Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) HCl Hydrogen Chloride (HC)

Honeywell BW™ Solo – Standard

BW™ Solo – Standard Yellow Black
BW™™ Solo – (Cl₂) Standard BWS-C-Y BWS-C-B
BW™ Solo – (ClO₂) Standard BWS-V-Y BWS-V-B
BW™ Solo – (CO) Standard BWS-ML-Y BWS-ML-B
BW™ Solo – (CO-H₂ resistant) Standard BWS-M2-Y BWS-M2-B
BW™ Solo – (ETO) Standard BWS-E-Y BWS-E-B
BW™ Solo – Hydrogen (H₂) Standard BWS-R-Y BWS-R-B
BW™ Solo – (H₂S) Standard BWS-HL-Y
BW™ Solo – (H₂S ext range) Standard BWS-H2-Y BWS-H2-B
BW™ Solo – (HCN) Standard BWS-Z-Y BWS-Z-B
BW™ Solo – (NH₃) Standard BWS-A-Y BWS-A-B
BW™ Solo – (NH₃ ext range) Standard BWS-A2-Y BWS-A2-B
BW™ Solo – (NO) Standard BWS-N-Y BWS-N-B
BW™ Solo – (NO₂) Standard BWS-D-Y BWS-D-B
BW™ Solo – (O₂) Standard BWS-XL-Y
BW™ Solo – Ozone (O₃) Standard BWS-G-Y BWS-G-B
BW™ Solo – (PH₃) Standard BWS-P-Y BWS-P-B
BW™ Solo – (SO₂) Standard BWS-S-Y BWS-S-B
BW™ Solo – (CO₂) Standard BWS-BL-Y BWS-BL-B
BW™ Solo – (HF) Standard BWS-HF-Y BWS-HF-B
BW™ Solo – (HCl) Standard BWS-HC-Y BWS-HC-B

Honeywell BW™ Solo – Wireless

BW™ Solo – Wireless Yellow Black
BW™ Solo – (Cl₂) Wireless BWS1-C-Y BWS1-C-B
BW™ Solo – (ClO₂) Wireless BWS1-V-Y BWS1-V-B
BW™ Solo – (CO) Wireless BWS1-ML-Y BWS1-ML-B
BW™ Solo – (CO-H₂ resistant) Wireless BWS1-M2-Y BWS1-M2-B
BW™ Solo – (ETO) Wireless BWS1-E-Y BWS1-E-B
BW™ Solo – Hydrogen (H₂) Wireless BWS1-R-Y BWS1-R-B
BW™ Solo – (H₂S) Wireless BWS1-HL-Y
BW™ Solo – (H₂S ext range) Wireless BWS1-H2-Y BWS1-H2-B
BW™ Solo – (HCN) Wireless BWS1-Z-Y BWS1-Z-B
BW™ Solo – (NH₃) Wireless BWS1-A-Y BWS1-A-B
BW™ Solo – (NH₃ ext range) Wireless BWS1-A2-Y BWS1-A2-B
BW™ Solo – (NO) Wireless BWS1-N-Y BWS1-N-B
BW™ Solo – (NO₂) Wireless BWS1-D-Y BWS1-D-B
BW™ Solo – (O₂) Wireless BWS1-XL-Y BWS1-XL-B
BW™ Solo – Ozone (O₃) Wireless BWS1-G-Y BWS1-G-B
BW™ Solo – (PH₃) Wireless BWS1-P-Y BWS1-P-B
BW™ Solo – (SO₂) Wireless BWS1-S-Y BWS1-S-B
BW™ Solo – (CO₂) Wireless BWS1-BL-Y BWS1-BL-B
BW™ Solo – (HF) Wireless BWS1-HF-Y BWS1-HF-B
BW™ Solo – (HCl) Wireless BWS1-HC-Y BWS1-HC-B

Honeywell BW™ Solo – Lite

BW™ Solo – Lite Yellow Black
BW™ Solo – Lite – (Cl₂) Standard BWS2-C-Y BWS2-C-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (ClO₂) Standard BWS2-V-Y BWS2-V-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (CO) Standard BWS2-M-Y
BW™ Solo – Lite – (CO-H₂ resistant) Standard BWS2-M2-Y BWS2-M2-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (ETO) Standard BWS2-E-Y BWS2-E-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – Hydrogen (H₂) Standard BWS2-R-Y BWS2-R-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (H₂S) Standard BWS2-H-Y
BW™ Solo – Lite – (H₂S ext range) Standard BWS2-H2-Y BWS2-H2-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (HCN) Standard BWS2-Z-Y BWS2-Z-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (NH₃) Standard BWS2-A-Y BWS2-A-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (NH₃ ext range) Standard BWS2-A2-Y BWS2-A2-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (NO) Standard BWS2-N-Y BWS2-N-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (NO₂) Standard BWS2-D-Y BWS2-D-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (O₂) Standard BWS2-X-Y
BW™ Solo – Lite – Ozone (O₃) Standard BWS2-G-Y
BW™ Solo – Lite – (PH₃) Standard BWS2-P-Y BWS2-P-B
BW™ Solo – Lite – (SO₂) Standard BWS2-S-Y BWS2-S-B
Different between Honeywell Solo versions
Different between Honeywell Solo versions

IntelliDoX, unmatched performance and customization.

The IntelliDoX instrument management system combines smart docking modules with Fleet Manager II software to provide automated instrument management, helping drive productivity, reliability and efficiency. Place the detector in the docking module, and it automatically tests the gas detector and sensors while transferring data to the docking station.

The IntelliDoX, via Fleet Manager II software, allows users to configure these settings for their BW Clip Series detectors:

  • Display peak reading
  • Time of peak reading
  • Low alarm setpoint
  • High alarm setpoint
  • Real-time clock
  • Display gas readings during alarm
  • Bump test and calibration (BW Clip RT) reminder
  • Non-compliance indicator
  • Manual zero sensor
  • Activate hibernation
Bộ thiết bị quản lý IntelliDoX
IntelliDoX instrument management system

Honeywell IntelliDox Automated Instrument Management System

Honeywell IntelliDox Automated Instrument Management System Order Number
Honeywell IntelliDox docking station for Honeywell BW Solo DX-SOLO
Honeywell IntelliDox Nest for Honeywell BW Solo DX-NEST-SOLO
Honeywell IntelliDox enabler kit UK version (United Kingdom) DX-ENBL-UK
Honeywell IntelliDox enabler kit EU version (Europe) DX-ENBL-EU
Honeywell IntelliDox enabler kit NA version (North America) DX-ENBL-NA
Honeywell IntelliDox enabler kit AU version (Australia) DX-ENBL-AU

Note: One Honeywell IntelliDoX ® enabler kit is required for each docking system. Each docking system can support up to 5 Honeywell IntelliDoX ® modules. Includes power supply with region-specific AC power cord, ethernet cable, inlet (purge) filter assembly, 3 ft. / 1 m calibration gas tubing, 3 ft. / 1 m purge gas tubing, 15 ft. / 4.5 m exhaust tubing and quick connect fittings.

Replacement Batteries & Accessories

  • BW Solo replacement battery BWS-BAT01
  • Battery – lithium, 3V (MOQ10ea) BWS-BAT01-K
  • BW Solo test/calibration cap BWS-TC-1
  • Neck strap with safety release GA-NS-1
  • Short strap (6 in./15.2 cm) GA-LY-1
  • Extension strap (4 ft./1.2 m) GA-ES-1
  • Chest harness GA-CH-2
  • Manual aspirator pump kit with probe and filter (0.3 m/1 ft.) for GA Extreme and Micro 5 and BW Solo GA-AS02

Note: For complete list of Sampling & Testing Equipment, please refer to the Sampling Accessories section.

Accessories for Honeywell BW Solo
Accessories for Honeywell BW Solo

Replacement Sensors for Honeywell BW Solo

Replacement Sensors Compatible Models Order Number
Replacement carbon monoxide (CO) sensor (1-Series) BWS, BWS1 SR-M1-1S
Replacement hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) sensor (1-Series) BWS, BWS1 SR-H1-1S
Replacement oxygen (O₂) sensor (1-Series) BWS, BWS1 SR-X1-1S
Replacement Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor (1-Series) BWS, BWS1 SR-B1-1S
Replacement chlorine (Cl₂) sensor (4-Series) All PS-RC10
Replacement chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) sensor (4-Series) All SR-V04
Replacement carbon monoxide, H₂ resistant (CO-H) sensor (4-Series) All 54-47-19
Replacement ethylene oxide (ETO) sensor (4-Series) All SR-ER04
Replacement hydrogen (H₂) sensor (4-Series) All SR-RR04
Replacement hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), extended range sensor (4-Series) All PS-RH04S
Replacement hydrogen cyanide (HCN) sensor (4-Series) All SR-ZR04
Replacement ammonia (NH₃) sensor (4-Series) All SR-A04
Replacement ammonia (NH₃), extended range sensor (4-Series) All SR-A204
Replacement nitric oxide (NO) sensor (4-Series) All SR-NR04
Replacement nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) sensor (4-Series) All PS-RD04
Replacement ozone (O₃) sensor (4-Series) All SR-G04
Replacement phosphine (PH₃) sensor (4-Series) All SR-P04
Replacement sulfur dioxide (SO₂) sensor (4-Series) All PS-RS04
Replacement oxygen (O₂) sensor (4-Series) BWS2 SR-X2V
Replacement hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) sensor (4-Series) BWS2 SR-H-4S
Replacement carbon monoxide (CO) sensor (4-Series) BWS2 SR-M-4S

Service Parts for Honeywell BW Solo

Service Parts for Honeywell BW Solo
Service Parts for Honeywell BW Solo

Note: Please refer to the instrument’s documentation (shipped with the product or available at for complete instructions on common service procedures. Improper servicing or maintenance may affect warranty eligibility. Honeywell assumes no liability for damages resulting from improper servicing or maintenance.

Service Parts Legend Minimum Service Training Level Order Number
BW Solo Replacement battery cover kit, non-wireless A None BWS-BH-1
BW Solo Replacement battery cover kit, wireless A None BWS-BH-2
BW Solo replacement battery B None BWS-BAT01
BW Solo replacement back shell – yellow C Level-1 BWS-BC1
BW Solo replacement back shell – black C Level-1 BWS-BC1B
Replacement PCB, See replacement PCB’s section D Level-2
BW Solo replacement buzzer sealing ring E Level-1 BWS-HS-1
BW Solo replacement front shell F Level-1 BWS-FC1
BW Solo replacement LCD G Level-1 BWS-LCD
Replacement vibration motor H Level-1 GA-VM-2
Replacement sensors, see page 3 I Level-1
BW Solo Replacement 4-Series sensor sealing rings (kit of 10) J Level-1 BWS-ORING-4S-K1
BW Solo Replacement 1-Series sensor o-rings (kit of 10) K Level-1 BWS-ORING-1S-K1
BW Solo Replacement 4-Series sensor fixer kit L Level-1 BWS-4SC-1
BW Solo replacement 1 Series sensor fixer kit M Level-1 BWS-WSC-1
BW Solo Replacement sensor screens (kit of 10) N None BWS-SS
BW Solo Replacement sensor fixer screws (kit of 25) O Level-1 BWS-SCREW-K1
BW Solo Replacement 4-Series front cover P None BWS-4C-1
BW Solo Replacement 1-Series front cover Q None BWS-WC-1
Replacement gas type label, See replacement labels section R None

Note: For service and trainings, please refer to the Training and Service Information sections.

Replacement PCB’s for Honeywell BW Solo

Replacement PCB’s Order Number
Replacement PCB Chlorine (Cl₂) – Standard BWS-C-PCB1
Replacement PCB Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) – Standard BWS-V-PCB1
Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Standard BWS-ML-PCB1
Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide-H₂ resistant (CO-H) – Standard BWS-M2-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ethylene Oxide (ETO) – Standard BWS-E-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen (H₂) – Standard BWS-R-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) – Standard BWS-HL-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide ext. range (H₂S Ext) – Standard BWS-H2-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) – Standard BWS-Z-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ammonia (NH₃) – Standard BWS-A-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ammonia ext. range (NH₃ Ext) – Standard BWS-A2-PCB1
Replacement PCB Nitric Oxide (NO) – Standard BWS-N-PCB1
Replacement PCB Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) – Standard BWS-D-PCB1
Replacement PCB Oxygen (O₂) – Standard BWS-XL-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ozone (O3) – Standard BWS-G-PCB1
Replacement PCB Phosphine (PH3) – Standard BWS-P-PCB1
Replacement PCB Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂) – Standard BWS-S-PCB1
Replacement PCB Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Standard BWS-BL-PCB1
Replacement PCB Chlorine (Cl₂) – Wireless BWS1-C-PCB1
Replacement PCB Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) – Wireless BWS1-V-PCB1
Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Wireless BWS1-ML-PCB1
Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide-H₂ resistant (CO-H) – Wireless BWS1-M2-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ethylene Oxide (ETO) – Wireless BWS1-E-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen (H₂) – Wireless BWS1-R-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) – Wireless BWS1-HL-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide ext. range (H₂S Ext) – Wireless BWS1-H2-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) – Wireless BWS1-Z-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ammonia (NH3) – Wireless BWS1-A-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ammonia ext. range (NH3 Ext) – Wireless BWS1-A2-PCB1
Replacement PCB Nitric Oxide (NO) – Wireless BWS1-N-PCB1
Replacement PCB Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) – Wireless BWS1-D-PCB1
Replacement PCB Oxygen (O₂) – Wireless BWS1-XL-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ozone (O3) – Wireless BWS1-G-PCB1
Replacement PCB Phosphine (PH3) – Wireless BWS1-P-PCB1
Replacement PCB Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂) – Wireless BWS1-S-PCB1
Replacement PCB Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Wireless BWS1-BL-PCB1
Replacement PCB Chlorine (Cl₂) – Lite BWS2-C-PCB1
Replacement PCB Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) – Lite BWS2-V-PCB1
Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Lite BWS2-M-PCB1
Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide-H₂ resistant (CO-H) – Lite BWS2-M2-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ethylene Oxide (ETO) – Lite BWS2-E-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen (H₂) – Lite BWS2-R-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) – Lite BWS2-H-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide ext. range (H₂S Ext) – Lite BWS2-H2-PCB1
Replacement PCB Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) – Lite BWS2-Z-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ammonia (NH₃) – Lite BWS2-A-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ammonia ext. range (NH₃ Ext) – Lite BWS2-A2-PCB1
Replacement PCB Nitric Oxide (NO) – Lite BWS2-N-PCB1
Replacement PCB Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) – Lite BWS2-D-PCB1
Replacement PCB Oxygen (O₂) – Lite BWS2-X-PCB1
Replacement PCB Ozone (O₃) – Lite BWS2-G-PCB1
Replacement PCB Phosphine (PH₃) – Lite BWS2-P-PCB1
Replacement PCB Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂) – Lite BWS2-S-PCB1

Replacement Labels

  • Replacement Label Chlorine (Cl₂) BWS-C-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) BWS-V-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Carbon Monoxide CO BWS-M-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Carbon Monoxide-H₂ resistant (CO-H) BWS-M2-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Ethylene Oxide (ETO) BWS-E-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Hydrogen (H₂) BWS-R-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) BWS-H-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) BWS-Z-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Ammonia (NH3) BWS-A-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Nitric Oxide (NO) BWS-N-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) BWS-D-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Oxygen (O₂) BWS-X-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Ozone (O₃) BWS-G-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Phosphine (PH₃) BWS-P-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂) BWS-S-LABEL
  • Replacement Label Carbon Dioxide (CO2) BWS-B-LABEL

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