Standard Gas cylinder Calgaz 6D CO/CH4/O2 A0440547


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Calibration gas cylinder (also known as Standard Gas Cylinder / Laboratory Gas Bottles or Standard Gas Bottles) are special industrial gas products used for gas detector calibration or fixed gas test head calibration. As recommended by manufacturers, gas detector should be calibration at least once every 6 months and should be bump tested before each day of use.

Calgaz calibration gas 60PPM Carbon Monoxide (CO), 2.5% (50% LEL) Methane (CH4), 15% Oxygen (O2) Balance Nitrogen 103 Liter Steel Cylinder, Inlet: C-10, Cylinder Model: 6D 60PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2, PN: A0440547

Calgaz Desc 6D 60PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
New Part Number A0440547
Compressed Volume 103 Liters
Pressure 1000 psig/69 bar
Dimensions 352 mm x 83 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Shelf Life 36 Months

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