Kongsberg Radar based tank gauges

Kongsberg Introduce Radar based tank gauges

The core of our liquid cargo monitoring and control systems is the radar based tank gauges. These radar tank gauges takes advantage of the latest radar technology. They are designed to give flexibility, ease of installation and maintenance.

Accurate and reliable

Measurement accuracy, reliability and flexibility are the prime goals of our radar tank gauge designs. The radar technology provides accurate measurement regardless of the atmospheric conditions inside the tank.

Principle of operation

Our radar tank gauge employs the frequency modulated continuous wave concept. The distance (i.e. ullage) is derived from the time delay of the reflected signal.

A frequency sweeping microwave signal is emitted by the radar tank gauge, and by aid of the antenna directed vertically down the tank. The high frequency and the antenna design give a very narrow half power beam width of 6° (±3°). The reflected energy is collected by the antenna and recorded by the radar gauge electronics. The electronics in the radar includes patented inventions that ensure optimum measurement accuracy.

Radar tank gauge applications

  • Oil and product tankers
  • Chemical tankers and pipe measurement
  • Other liquid cargoes
  • Gas carriers – LNG/LPG

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