Kongsberg GT402 phiên bản E & F

Pressure transmitter for LNG applications – KONGSBERG / Autronica GT402 version E & F

KONGSBERG / Autronica GT402 – Pressure transmitter for vapour pressure measurement on LNG tanks.

Pressure transmitter for LNG vapour pressure

Designed to satisfy international standards for custody transfer of LNG, which require monitoring of vapour pressure. It can be used in hazardous areas either in combination with our signal converter AL-100 or the radar processing unit GLK-100, which both have integrated zener barriers. DZ-110 zener barrier can also be used to obtain intrinsic safety.

KONGSBERG / Autronica GT402
KONGSBERG / Autronica GT402

KONGSBERG GT402 Main specifications

  • Overall accuracy : <±1% fro (-30 to +70°c)></±1%>
  • Accuracy : <±0.35% of fro></±0.35%>
  • Temperature drift : <±0.02% of fro °c></±0.02%>
  • Comp. temperature range : -30 to 70°C
  • Long term stability : <±0.2% of fro year></±0.2%>


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