Van hiệu chuẩn máy đo khí Calgaz 1002

Calgaz 1002 Cylinder valve for calibration gas detector

This Calgaz 1002 exhaust valve (with flow savings adjustment) is designed to be single-stage, and can be used for gas cans: Calgaz 34, Calgaz 58, Calgaz 103s and Calgaz 116. Each adjuster is set to discharge air at a line speed required by the customer


Trunk: Copper Plated Nickel
Bottom surface: PTFE (lst stage);
  Copper and Viton® (2nd stage)
Diaphragm: Stainless Steel
Gauges: Chrome Plated Copper
Filter: Sintered bronze
Output valve: Options
Weight: 1 lb/0.63 kg
Input port: 1/4″ NPT internal, accepts standard CGA fitting (specify)
Output port: 1/8″ NPT internal
Level: 2 x 10-6 SCCS He

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