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Automatic Tank Gauging System for Gas/Petro station (Online monitoring)

Generally of the Automatic Tank Gauging System

Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) system consists of Magnetostrictive Probe and Smart
Console, it is an electronic device, whose basic function is to monitor the fuel level in the tank. It can also tell the operator what is going on inside the tank. In other words, it gives us very important information like fuel level, volume and temperature, water level and volume, high and low fuel level warnings etc. There are different plans to satisfy different customers according to their effective demands.

Hệ thống đo bể xăng tự động (ATG)
Automatic Tank Gauging System (ATG)

System configuration

  1. Probe (RS485 MODBUS protocol ) + others brand controller
  2. Probe (RS485 MODBUS protocol ) + others brand controller +Remote
  3. Probe + Console
  4. Probe + Console +PC software
  5. Probe + Console + Internet Remote (like Mobile APP)
  6. Probe + Console + Inter Remote Query
  • Smart Console Console 1 or Console 2
  • Probe have tube Type 1 & Flexible probe Type 2
  • Software: mobile APP /PC web remote software
Cấu hình hệ thống đo bồn tự động gồm cảm biến và tủ điều khiển có thể kết nối với mạng Internet
Configuration of Automatic Tank Gauging System for Gas/Petro station
  • Type 1: suit 600-4000mm length, max is 6000mm length if delivery by sea
  • Type 2: suit 4000-18000mm length, flexible sensor, good delivery by air and by sea
  • Console 1: Very Popular, because of the good price, support 1-12 tanks
  • Console 2: More higher level than Console 1, for internet remote work, it like one mobile can auto get the IP, no need to set by manual! Price also higher than Console 1, support 1-16 tanks.
  • Remote software mobile & PC all for free

Console 2 and Display

Bảng điều khiển và hiển thị hệ thống đo bể xăng dầu
Console and display of the Automatic Tank gauging system for Gas/Petro station
  • * The probe consist of:
  • Fully closed magnetostictive probe
  • Electronic pod using for data measuring and transforming
  • Floater made according to the product
  • * Features:
  • Safety: ExiaIIBT4 (Intrinsically safe) issued by PCEC
  • Accuracy: level accuracy is ± 0.3mm
  • Stability: strong anti-jamming ability
  • Efficiency: less than 1 second to test one tank
  • * Optional Features :
  • Density ball: Probe can add the density ball to measure the oil density automatically

Probe specification:

ItemType 1
PurposeTo measure Product level, interface level and temperature ….
Measuring MediumGasoline, diesel, kerosene, diesel oil, ethanol, water, LPG, oil density etc
State of the MediumLiquid, LPG
Explosion-Proof gradeExiaIIAT4 (Intrinsically safe)
The range of pressure0.02Mpa~0.6Mpa
CertificatePCEC Conformity Certificate of Explosion-proof
Temperature range-40℃-70℃
Product Level Accuracy±0.3mm
Water Level Accuracy±0.3mm
Temperature Accuracy±0.2℃
Height Resolution0.023mm
Temperature EffectError<0.2mm
Lowest Product Inactive Zone2.5” floater-180mm
Lowest Water Inactive Zone2.5” floater-25mm
Measure range600~4000mm
Communication MethodsRS-485
Power supply mode+24~26VDC
Enclosure RatingsIP67
Probe Material1Cr18Ni9Ti
Max communication distance1200m
Probe specification for ATG system

Remote monitoring functions for ATG system

Tính năng hệ thống đo bồn tự động ATG cho bồn téc cột xăng dầu
Remote monitoring functions for ATG system
  • It can monitor up to 1-12 tanks and monitor the delivery conditions, it also enjoys a static leak test function
  • It can display product level, water level, temperature, volume, ullage
  • It enjoys a tank tilt compensation function
  • It can display dynamically the change of product level and water level with graphics in proportion, it features a 7 inch colored touch-screen console panel, and each interface displays 4 graphics
  • It features an audible and visual alarm function with front panel
  • It comes with one RS-232 serial interface communication ports to connect with different brand Center Console or connect to PC software ,one RJ45 port for remote monitor
  • It enjoys a record function, all information are stored in memory for future queries
  • There is an embedded printer in it to print inventory reports, delivery reports, leak reports and shift reports
  • It can calculate volume of product by multipoint, which can fully ensure the accuracy of volume of the product
  • After connected with Center Console though internet, it can provide information in long distance for manager to arrange the inventory

Console specification

Power Supply VoltageAC120~265V 50HZ
Environmental Temperature-20℃~60℃
Environmental Humidity20%~85%
Display Screen7 inch real colorful touch screen
Processor / MemoryHigh-speed embedded / —
Safety BarrierPower safety barrier, communication safety barrier
Printer (Optional Function)Embedded minitype printer
Size310x220x105 mm
DisplayEnglish Language, Graph, Colored
Monitoring Capability8 tanks or 12 tanks
Method of CommunicationRS-485
RelayWith 2 relay
Print FunctionUser can print all kinds of reports
Network FunctionInquiring data in long-distance through internet
Explosion-proof RingerAvoiding the product spilled
Control the Oil PumpAvoiding the product spilled and pump down
Automatic GaugeDisplay product level, water level, temperature, volume, ullage …
Volume Table EditData input via touch screen,easy operate
Static Leak Detection FunctionDuring the idle time, user can do the leak detection for the thank. (Detection rate :0.38 L/H)
AlarmAudible and visual alarm and inquiry function
InterfaceWith one RS-232 serial interface communication ports
RJ45 portOne RJ45 port
Tank Inventory ReportUsers can inquire and print inventory information at any moment
Product type supportedUser-defined product type supported Available
Auto DeliveryAuto delivery monitoring, reports are generated after delivery. Users can inquire and print reports
Manual deliveryAvailable
Shift changeHave Shift change function and create the report
System Updateconvenient to update the software and hardware
Volume Table inputCan directly from console or by memory card both way
Console specification for ATG system

Main display LCD with touch panel

Màn hình hiển thị chính trên tủ đo mức tự động
Main touch panel display

Tank specification input for ATG system

Màn hình nhập thông số bồn / bể gồm: Nhập tên bồn, loại nhiên liệu, màu sắc
Tank specification input for ATG system

Tank capacity table input, can input by storage card

Màn hình nhập dung tích bồn két, hoặc có thể copy bằng thẻ nhớ
Tank capacity table input, can input by storage card

Shift and Unloading records

Thông tin xuất nhập tồn kho theo dõi từ xa
Shift and Unloading records

Leakage and alarm report

Màn hình theo dõi báo động
Leakage and alarm report

Remote monitoring by PC software

* PC Remote Software Introduction – you can remote your station at home anytime, one console max can display 12 tanks

Giám sát mức bồn tự động từ xa qua máy tính
Remote monitoring by PC software
Báo cáo tồn kho xăng dầu xem từ xa trên máy tính
Tank delivery report
Báo xuất kho xăng dầu từ xa, xem qua máy tính
Tank alarm report

Mobile APP Remote monitor (3G/4G/Internet)

  • This function user can check his all station by one APP, he can check it anytime
  • If customer want to write their own software for give his customer more better service, we can share communication protocol

Reference installation jobs

Console and Sensor probe reference photos

Reference installation jobs – On Oil tanker

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