Motion detector device MSA 10088478 motionSCOUT K-T-R


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  • Motion scout instrument  MSA 10088478 motionSCOUT K-T-R is an alarm for people entering confined spaces. The Motion SCOUT device will automatically trigger an alarm when the wearer is motionless.
  • MotionSCOUT K-T-R (Key Version, Temperature Sensor, Manual Alarm Reset), PN: 10088478 Consist of a clip instrument, bult- in temperature senssor  and manual reset key.
  • The instrument conform to the standard IP67 waterproof and explosion-proof according to US standards
  • Product of MSA 10088478 motionSCOUT, made in factory in China

Gas detector Altair 4X and Altair 4XR have built-in Motion Alert feature in the machine, the same to a Motion SCOUT

How to use Motion SCOUT here


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