Honeywell BW Flex-i 4-gas detector %LEL(IR) O2 H2S CO


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Serviceable 1-4 Multi-Gas Detector (H2S, CO, O2, LEL, or LEL IR)

Serviceable 4-gas in a small, lightweight package

Whether you’re protecting workers or responders — in industries from marine and mining to pulp and paper — Honeywell BW™ Flex delivers the flexibility you need. See real-time readings on a clear-resolution display, available in multiple languages.

Want to see the full concentration of a gas or other information not on the icon-based display? Need to report a gas alarm? Simply download the Honeywell Safety Suite Device Configurator app, use Bluetooth® to pair your smartphone with the detector, and open the app to see the data — all organized in a report that’s ready to send.

Standard Package Contents

  • Detector complete with sensors, stainless steel alligator clip, concussion-proof housing
    and built-in rechargeable battery
  • Calibration/test cap and hose
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Sensor detection range:

  • Thông số chi tiết cảm biến Honeywell BW™ Flex
    Honeywell BW™ Flex’s Sensor detection range

Part number and configuration

  • BW Flex-i %LEL(IR) O2 H2S CO CPD-W5X2H2M2-Y-00 CPD-W5X2H2M2-B-00
  • BW Flex-i %LEL(F) O2 H2S CO CPD-W6X2H2M2-Y-00 CPD-W6X2H2M2-B-00
  • BW Flex-i %LEL(UF) O2 H2S CO CPD-W7X2H2M2-Y-00 CPD-W7X2H2M2-B-00

For more detail about Honeywell BW Flex here

Honeywell BW™ Flex gas detector, a very practical version


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