Rotary paddle sensor shaft adjustable type Finetek SE141BGMB0160


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The purpose of the rotary paddle level switch is to detect the presence of solid/powdery material in most kinds of tanks, bins and containers. The unit is usually located through a bin wall at the top, middle or low level of a bin. During normal operation (no material present) a synchronous motor rotates the paddle at RPM. When this paddle rotation is impeded by material, surrounding the paddle, motor will stall and cause the Micro-switch to change state (indicating an alarm or control).


  • Plastics and synthetics
  • Chemicals and fertilizer
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and beverage,
  • Agriculture and fodder mills/depots
  • Cement as well as ceramics
  • Power plants
  • Various incinerators


  • Model: SE141BGMB0160
  • Rotary paddle sensor shaft adjustable type
  • Power: 220Vac
  • 2-1/2” 5K flange
  • 65*80mm paddle
  • high temperature shaft-protect type

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