Mini Float Level Switch Fine-tek FCV21QDA05B

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The reed switch relies on two basic scientific principles namely: buoyancy and magnetism. Buoyancy causes the float (which contains a magnet) to rise with the liquid and magnetism helps open and close the switch. Since this product’s this product has been introduced to the market, it has seen significant improvement and advances with regards to convenience, safety and lowering costs. The float switches are extremely compact, simple and are easy to install on any small locations. These switches are not affected by electrical interference and can withstand chemicals, high temperatures and pressures if the correct material of float switch is selected.


  • PN: FCV21QDA05B
  • Contact Capacity Max: 50W SPDT
  • Contact Voltage Capacity Max: 240Vac/ 200 Vdc
  • Current Capacity Max: 0.5A
  • Contact type: N.O (SPST)
  • Cable: UL 1007 AWG22PVC
  • Cable length: 500 mm
  • Reversible switch: YES
  • Working pressure: ATM
  • Working temperature: -20 ~ 80
  • Material: PP
  • Gravity: 0.7
  • Weight: 18 g

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Finetek Float level sensor / switch, FC FD mini Series

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