Flexible Float Level Transmitter Finetek FGXDABQG-F3-00-2000


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The “Flexible Magnetic Float Level Transmitter” is composed of the float and sensing rod (shown as below). As the float is raised or lowered by the liquid level, the sensing rod will have a resistance output, which is directly proportional to the liquid level. In connection with a control unit the resistance value can be converted into a standardised value such as: 4-20mA, RS485 or HART


  • Sensing elements are protected with a plastic package for safety in use and transport.
  • High performance and reliable electric circuit modular design
  • Explosion-proof housing
  • It is not affected by environmental temperature, a change of pressure
  • Flexible type is applicable for applications with longer probe lengths
  • Display type is available for local indicator and quick setup
  • Easy installation, and need require recalibration
  • Choose dual-float as two different specific gravity level detection.


  • Crude oil storage tank
  • Heavy fuel tank
  • Chemical process
  • Ship hydraulic equipment
  • Wastewater treatment equipment
  • Water conservancy facilities


  • Model: FGXDABQG-F3-00-2000
  • Float level transmitter Flexible type
  • 12.7mm resolution
  • With display housing
  • F3 float 45*45mm in PP
  • 1/2” PT screw
  • Stem 16mm in PTFE
  • L:2000mm

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