Finetek FF20CEQ Side mounting float level switch / Sensor

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The reed switch relies on two basic scientific principles namely: buoyancy and magnetism. Buoyancy causes the float (which contains a magnet) to rise with the liquid and magnetism helps open and close the switch. A change in liquid levels raises or lowers the float up or down. The end of the pivot arm (non float side) contains a permanent magnet that can repel the switch magnet (inside the stationary ‘stem’ of the entire structure).

When the float magnet moves close to the switch’s stationary stem, the float magnet repel the switch magnet which either opens or closes the Electrical circuit.


The side mounted float level sensor (FF series) are manufactured specifically for horizontal mounting on tanks or vessels. They work well as high or low level controls.

  1. Both Micro-Switch types and Reed Switches are available. The Micro-Switch type is usable even at ambient temperatures of 100° C maximum.
  2. Mounting flanges are custom-made. (JIS,DIN,ANSI).
  3. A wide variety of floats for different solution’s specific gravities (S.G.) are available.
  4. Wetted parts material ranges from plastics, stainless steel, anti-corrosive and explosion proof types.


  • Order number: FF20CEQ
  • Working temperature (oC): -40~200
  • Output: SPDT(1C)
  • Contact capacity: 1A, 60W 220Vac/200Vdc
  • Type of contact: Reed Switch
  • Material of Terminal box: Aluminum Alloy IP65
  • Gravity: 0.65
  • Connection type: Thread 1-1/2″PT
  • Float size (mm): 150
  • Arm length (mm): 245 (Max.600)

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