Capacitance level sensor Finetek SA376DGM+TA – Explosion proof type


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The Fine-tek Capacitance Switch for liquids and solids can be used in mediums such as liquids, pastes, syrups, powders, granules, flakes and chips. It’s broad application and rugged build makes it a highly versatile across all industries. Capacitance switches rely on electrical capacitance theory (the ability of a medium to store electrical energy). When an electrical circuit has two separated conductive plates, the space between the plates acts as a capacitor and stores the electrical energy. Mediums have differing conductivity and dielectric constants which affects their energy storage capability. When the switch comes into contact with the medium, it can detect a change in the surroundings and this actuates the switch accordingly. Materials with high conductivity or high dielectric constants such as water tend to have high capacitance. The opposite applies for low conductive substances such as popcorn, wax or air. Thus the switch works well in mediums with reasonably high dielectric constants or conductive solutions.


As Capacitance Level Switch has no moving parts inside the device, it will not be affected by friction. It is suitable for powder or liquid application easy to install. The customer can choose the types for his requirements.


  • Model: SA376DGM+TA
  • Capacitance level sensor
  • Explosion proof type (intrinsically safe model)
  • With SA-37U intrinsic safe conditionor
  • 2-1/2” 5K flange, SUS304
  • Protecting rating: IP68
SA376 (WITH SA-75U)
SA376 (WITH SA-75U)

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Finetek SA Series Capacitance Level Switch Sensor


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