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Introducing Fine-tek PB/PM Bargraph level display (indicator)

General introduction:

  • Display Fine-tek PB/PM Bargraph smartly used for level measuring devices, easy to use in measurement, operators easily install measuring ranges, even, the installation can be done remotely.
  • Not only equipped with a 4-digit display and analog chart-style display, the display is also equipped with 6 relay outputs so that users can install many different locations.
  • PB-2471 is designed with a two-channel application that can simultaneously measure 2 inputs at the same time on 1 display. In addition, the output can also output 2 signals simultaneously with 4 relay outputs.
  • The PB-1570 and PB-1470 are two horizontal type gauges, the same function as the vertical type.
  • Use suitable for a variety of Fine-tek sensors


  • LED Display 101 Bars / 101-segment LED Bargraph Display
  • 6 relay contact outputs
  • Can convert 2 types of feeds 85~265 Vac and 18~36 Vdc
  • Can set many different ratios
  • SIM (Signal Input Module) / features used for many different inputs
  • Analog signal output and isolation type relays
  • Support for use for a variety of non-linear tanks
  • RS485 Communication Connection
  • Size: 48(W)x144(H), 144x48mm

Actual image of Fine-tek PB/PM Bargraph display:

PB-1471-S014000 Bargraph panel meter / Module displaying chart type alarm

PB-1471-S014000 Bargraph panel meter / Module displaying chart type alarm

Finetek Display Connector Foot Diagram

Finetek Display Connector Foot Diagram

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